Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Plans

Well, a week of practices under my belt. To my surprise I’m enjoying the practices considerably more than I had hoped for, have lots of new things to learn, found I like my new teammates, and discovered Coach Brad clearly knows more about swimming than I do (thank God!). Plus I like to compete – and my competitive nature likes this environment. All to the good if I’m to gain my desired twelve kilos of muscle to bring myself back to where I was in my mid to late thirties. If I can add muscle at half the rate I could as a younger man this means my restoration project will take about full two years. Rather a long haul for serious effort without some incentives/objectives to target along the way, and swimming can provide that in spades. My big problem is swimming through tax season (as I’m a tax accountant) when normal practice dictates my living and sleeping taxes for about four straight months. Can I do it? And then I’ve also started up this blog (I must really be insane). I’ll find out one way or another won’t I? To begin with I’m just going to do the first half of the season to the end of December and then see how I feel about continuing. This will entail upping my present three practices a week to six per week before the start of 2007, all while continuing on with my dry land exercises unabated. I suppose that’s at least possible and a realistic first target.

By the way, I talked to Coach Brad and learned our Ian is not the same person I swam against, oh so long ago, but Brad did give out some of Ian’s times for my edification. He’ll be a splendid substitute for McVay! Having someone in the next lane who’s absolutely destroying you in workouts provides the very best in incentives to work harder!

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