Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well, At Least I’m Still in the Game

I don’t enjoy this part of my blog, the one where I take pictures as a way to measure my rehabilitation’s progress. There’s rarely any real change from month to month and I find them rather embarrassing so feel free to skip this post. As always the following three pictures – back, front, and side views – are presented for future analysis:

Somewhat disappointed after viewing these pictures. It seems most of the improvement I saw last month has mysteriously vanished. Perhaps the regression is due to muscle memory and my now slightly more flexible back is simply accommodating long time habits and so has reverted somewhat. But maybe the improvement seen in November wasn’t as great as I’d thought. The left shoulder does seems better so at least that’s one positive. Perhaps some Alexander Technique lessons are in order to bring about better progress in my posture. Don’t know where I’d find the time though. I also still have around five kilos of fat to lose which will make a significant difference to my overall appearance. Expect to lose December’s weight gains this month, and from that point would like to hold my monthly fat loss down to better match any muscle gain and so reach some sort of equilibrium in so far as body weight.

That would keep my weight above a barely acceptable eighty kilos, but whether my body will agree with me given my current training conditions is a complete unknown. My big fear is continuing to lose beyond the desired five kilos which would require further months of work to compensate for, as well as require me obtaining a complete new wardrobe (the situation is looking pretty grim as it is).

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