Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Little Confusion

Today being the first of the month I carried out my official weighing and measurements and discovered I’ve lost only a half inch from my waist to go with losing a single kilo over the past month. Based on my method of body fat measurement this means a loss of 800 grams fat as well as 200 grams of muscle. That couldn’t be right could it? Personally I don’t think so. Though I haven’t been able to swim at all these past couple of weeks due to work demands I have mostly kept up with my physical therapy and weight program. Logically I should see continued progress in overall fitness and muscle mass. A more likely scenario is somewhere I’ve made a measurement error or errors which has effectively reduced this month’s loss around my waist by half an inch. Doubling my February waist reduction to a full inch would do the same for my fat loss and therefore leave me with around 600 grams of muscle gain. I find that a much more plausible result. We’ll see if February’s results confirm this hypothesis.

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