Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Quarter’s Results

Aaah, the cherry trees are in blossom, the daffodils are out, hay season is here, and 2007’s first quarter of training is complete. Armed with tape measure and scale I can reveal to a completely indifferent world nothing has changed (let the trumpets sound!). March has seen me add half a kilo of which 300 grams is muscle. The quarter to quarter results, however, are a little more negative. The more accurate measure of the past three months have seen a net gain of 100 grams (virtually no change given the inherent measurement error involved) and only a 200 gram increase in muscle mass (less than half a pound). Not only am I treading water literally but figuratively too! I can’t say I’m surprised at these results seeing what’s happening to me in the pool and am taking the pause in stride as something to be expected. It will take my body a while to get used to the idea I’m actually serious about wanting to swim fast. I can only hope my slump is short and I come out of it in time for the Provincials. In another decision I’ve decided not to publish my monthly pictures (yes I know, sighs of relief all around) but rather will keep them around for future comparisons. Instead I’ll go to quarterly pictures which will hopefully show more improvement from one set to the other and thus give me something to write about.

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