Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just Getting Back Into the Swim of Things

Well I’m back, at least sort of. After a hectic two weeks of work where I just couldn’t squeeze in any swimming I resumed training with my team at our outdoor practices (well, most of them) last week. Even so I’m still putting in solid hours at work, dealing with some pressing family matters, and clearing the deck for an extended three weeks away from my office, a vacation which includes my long weekend at this year’s U.S. Long Course Nationals. Desperate as I am to put in some kilometrage to prepare for the fast approaching contest I’m finding it most difficult. Due to the interruptions I’ve dropped my weight conditioning program and will now rely solely on more conditioning mileage and an emphasis on technique to lay the groundwork for some faster times this August. My turns would benefit from a lot more attention too. But with only two weeks before the start of a working vacation I don't have much time. On a positive note I finally received confirmation I’m registered for the Nationals. There was some concern until I received the email because my fees haven’t yet cleared after I mailed in my entry over a month ago, and what with prepaying airfare, hotels, and shuttle fees I was headed for Texas regardless! Consequently an advisement there won’t probably be much blogging over the next few weeks until I’m back. Still I do have a couple of posts lined up, especially an interesting one concerning Dara Torres, which I want to get out so look for them over the next few days. Other than that I apologize for this extended absence.


Isis said...

Good luck prepping for nationals. I look forward to hearing about it all once you have a chance to write about it.

Peter said...

Good luck with the training! I checked your blog a few days back after several days away, and I was wondering what had happened. I'm glad to know that you're back on track.

Meanwhile, my marathon training continues, and it's not too bad, really. I think you're having hotter weather than we are!

Scott said...

The problem with marathon training is it never stops!

Peter said...

Well, in theory it ends on the day before Thanksgiving, but you're right. This is #6 for me, and I have no doubt that number will eventually grow into the double digits.

But so far, it's been fast running. I could do without the humidity of the past week, though!