Monday, February 11, 2008

A “Unique” Breaststroke

At practice tonight we had as our main set a bunch of 100 IMs. Coach pointed out a couple of errors in my breaststroke pull during the set and then after I’d finished gave me a more detailed and broader critique. It appears between my new pull and admittedly still decidedly wonky kick Brad can tell me with a big smile that I’ve developed a rather unique style of breaststroke. It must be really bad. That’s what comes when you try to make several changes all at the same time without any significant feedback. To counter this I had hoped to have attended a couple of stroke clinics, see where I’m making my mistakes and how to make the necessary corrections. Unfortunately what with the shortfall in pool time and expanded membership our parent swim club is experiencing this year we masters have only had one stroke clinic this season – and I just had to be away on business for that one. Hopefully sometime in the near future we lowly seniors will be able to pry the underwater camera away from the other groups long enough for me and the rest of my teammates to get a look at what we’re doing.

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