Monday, July 07, 2008

Dara Torres Sets Two New American Records & Another Personal Best


With the U.S. Olympic Trials over I can report Dara Torres, competing now with the help of a LZR Racer, set two new American records this past weekend - both in the 50 free by dropping her time first to 24.38 and then lowering that to 24.25. To round everything off she set a new PB of 53.78 in the 100 free. That's an improvement of just a touch under seven percent (6.98%) over the best 50 free time she could manage at the 1992 Olympic Trials. Her 100 free time is unspeakably fast. Really, when I try to talk about it I start choking. In a post written several months ago I flippantly wrote that at her present rate of improvement she would be setting world records by the time she started collecting social security. I thought I was being sarcastic, certainly not prescient. Apparently I was wrong.


Dookie said...

I just discovered your blog while searching the web out of exasperation at the lack of any questioning of her latest fraud. I suspected her strongly in 2000 based on all the reasons you cited (muscle gain, ridiculous drops in times) but was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. No more.

I haven't noticed you touching on how saavy she is with regard to the climate around Olympic sports these days ands the timing of her comeback. With Track and Cycling desperately trying to shed their well-deserved reputations as dirty sports, I suspect US Swimming and anyone associated with it are loathe to voice any suspiscions they may have (and I suspect there are many) about Torres and create any whif of scandal. Her timing is perfect.

Scott said...

Actually Dookie I did speculate on the impeccable logic of her comeback in a post about a year ago, when I wrote all she had to do to make millions was qualify for the 4x100 free relay. I've also written at times on how the sport's elite can't speak up for fear it would create doubt about their own hard-won accomplishments. Gary Hall Jr. is a very notable exception. But don't believe for one second they believe Dara Torres is clean even if they're keeping their mouths shut. I'm certain the overwhelming consensus among elite swimmers and their coaches is quite the opposite. Take a look at Natalie Coughlin's face when she congratulates Torres on her 100 free win.

m said...

I have no doubt that Dara Torres is doping. I, too, posted in the "The Race Club" thread you referred to in your "Trojan Says" entry. I was the person who asked the rhetorical "why" and, after learning that her husband is an endricronologist (yeah!), I think I might have a theoretical answer.
She's a an aging boomer with money, surrounded by other aging boomers with money, who is defying the aging process. Say - just say - that her husband makes it know, very discreetly, that - for a fee - he could fix you up with the same chemical compound Dara's taking. You bet there'd be takers.
The interesting thing about this possible scenario is that works even if there is a positive test. A positive test confirms the existence of the cocktail!

Anonymous said...

I also happened to discover your blog while google searching under 'Dara Torres doping'.

She is freaking amazing, but really too good to be true. I watched her on NBC. Her lean muscle mass is simply ridiculous for a female swimmer.

I also read somewhere regarding the profession of her boyfriend.

"Dara's partner and father of her daughter is an endocrinologist. Nothing incriminating by itself, but in context it could mean something. For one, it could mean that she genuinely doesn't believe that she's taking illegal substances because someone is giving her supplements and telling her it's something else. "

Anonymous said...

According to the New York Times latest article, Dara is actually with “partner” David Hoffman - a reproductive endocrinologist.

Dr. David Hoffman
Reproductive Endocrinologist - West Palm Beach, Florida

Austin Fitness Trainer said...

I found your blog while researching Dara. Your point of view gives me much to think about and much to be skeptical about regarding her performances.

I saw Floyd Landis's late-stage Tour de France comeback after being written off. It was a come-from-behind of mythic proportions. I wanted it to be true. Sadly it appears that he cheated.

While I don't think the onus should be on her to prove a negative, from what I am learning I will watch Dara's future performances with a jaundiced eye.

BTW I have broken bones in my back twice - good luck with your progress with your back and swimming.

Dookie said...

All true. I'll have to catch up with all your posts. I'm also curious about the Richard Quick/BALCO connection you cited in another post. I don't know if you want to go there, but what were your thoughts on Jenny Thompson - both in 2000 and her comeback in 2004? On the level? I always wondered about the tension between her and Torres in 2000. Was it about doping and how much did Quick know?

Scott said...

Austin Fitness Trainer – thank you for your words of encouragement. You also raised several noteworthy points. Like you I’ve enjoyed watching the Tour de France (dating back to 1985 when Greg Lemond was forced to let teammate Bernard Hinault take the yellow jersey title instead of winning it himself). It’s because of Landis I’m taking a couple of years off and not even watching it, but I too remember as he was making the actual ride how it was being hailed as the greatest comeback in cycling history. Hearing words like that now just make me cringe. But you’re quite right in saying the onus isn’t on Torres to prove she isn’t cheating. I openly acknowledge the accusations I make here are inherently unfair because there’s no way for Torres to prove them wrong, and several notable swimming personalities are on record saying just that. I’ve discussed the ethics of my blogging (which I freely admit gives no quarter) with individuals who’ve swum and trained with her and for the most part they are unswerving in their belief that a person of Dara Torres’ character and ethics would never cheat. As someone who has never even met Torres, much less socialize with her, I can’t and won’t argue this point. But I still unreservedly argue she’s taking PEDs, must be taking them, on what I believe is absolutely overwhelming circumstantial evidence.