Friday, March 09, 2007

Clearly I Need to Go on a Diet

Getting rid of these handles of mine is becoming something of a bother. Beyond ensuring I eat a proper balanced diet and studiously avoiding junk food and soft drinks I haven’t actually set out to lose weight, preferring to rely on my exercise regime to do it for me. This has worked up to recently but with the decrease in my activity my fat loss seems to have stalled. Now having been chronically underweight for my entire childhood the idea of going on a proper restricted calorie diet is very hard to accept,
though it’s becoming more and more likely I’m going to have to at least restrict the size of my serving portions if I’m to reach my target 30” waist. I’ll first try to start by eliminating my late evening snacks and see what that does. If it doesn’t have any appreciable impact I’ll move on to harsher methods. On a positive note getting away from my middle aged spread I think this month has seen improvement in my upper back deportment as exhibited in the leveling of my shoulders from prior months.

Perhaps the soreness in my neck and shoulders is not entirely due to poor fly technique? Of course my lower back is as twisted as ever but one must stay hopeful.


Joe said...

Geez. I think the last time I had a 30" waist was when I was 14. Good luck with that.

I'm not gay, but I think you look pretty fit in those photos.

Damien said...

I think your training seems to be going well. I hope you get down to the weight you want. I know it's not easy but with persistence, you can get there.