Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nothing! Nada! Zip!

I’ve always known during tax season my life goes on hold, but it seems fitness also goes on hold too. Weighed and measured myself this morning and pretty well drew blanks across the board. No change in weight and no net change in my measurements make for a pretty dull month’s results. Actually I added half an inch around my waist but this was offset by an equal increase around my neck, which by the body fat measurement system I use, gets deducted from my waist measurement before consulting the tables for my height to determine my body fat percentage. This is a very poor return on the considerable effort I expended over the last month to continue at least some training despite the increase in my working hours. The past couple of months’ evidence points to being over trained, something which calls for a break and reduction in training to get out of the slump. But I can’t really see how I can do that given I’ve already reduced my exercising to a bare minimum - virtually a maintenance level of training. I hypothesize my problem isn’t too much exercise but rather too little sleep, averaging as I am about five hours a night for the past couple of months. The hours actually aren’t bad for this time of year but apparently not enough to support a strenuous swimming program. I’ll wait and see what my March results are before deciding on whether I need to further reduce my training levels.

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Joe said...

Five hours! OMG! Get some sleep dude! How can you live?