Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Massage Therapy Bikram’s Style

With the hectic pace of Christmas pressing on me I skipped both my yoga sessions last week and it was a mistake. I’ve missed maybe a dozen or so of my twice weekly sessions over the past couple of years, always attending at least one session every week even if it meant going to another Bikram’s college when traveling, and had forgotten how much I rely upon yoga. I’ve pushed myself and my body pretty hard over the past few months and have been rather pleased with how it has coped with all the extra physical work. Sometimes I forget I only started swimming a year ago in a state of actual physical disability, dependent on large doses of anti-inflammatories and pain killers just to get through each day. So this morning sore and tired and feeling my age I finally went to Bikram’s for a session and struggled with even basic postures throughout the hour and a half. But I left refreshed if still tired, my muscles relaxed, and my minor aches and pains gone. Yoga has become my masseuse and at my age I should not stay away for very long.

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