Friday, December 01, 2006

Weight Loss Accelerating

So it’s December already and time for my monthly weigh-in. The past month has been interesting as I’ve felt and seen some major changes in my posture occurring. The biggest is I’ve been experiencing movement in both my lower and upper spine, something which hasn’t happened for many, many years. This past July in yoga I felt my right hip bone twist a little and then drop a bit in its socket, and two weeks later I touched my toes during a sit up (something else which hasn't happened in years). Then in the beginning of November, again in a yoga posture, I felt my spine adjust itself around my L5 or L6 (I have a long spine). The following week I had movement in my upper thoracic, an area where I can’t ever remember having any, and now I’m getting spinal movement during weight training and stretching sessions on almost a routine basis. So I’m crossing my fingers all this is for the good and will show up in my next round of pictures. I do believe I can see changes in my posture in the mirror but will wait for confirmation before signaling success. An added bonus, my right hip continues to adjust itself in nearly every session of yoga. One of the doctors I consulted, Dr. Freedom, says my right hip is the key to my posture problems; let’s pray he’s right!

Regards to my weight I’ve dropped 3½ kgs over the past month. I’m now down to 81 kg (178 lbs). Not particularly surprising as I was ill for a couple of weeks and have been working out nearly twice every day. Even so some regret as my fat did cover up my present paucity of muscle, some necessary camouflage I’m rapidly losing. It would appear I’m going to approach running weight before leveling out (shudder). Luckily Christmas is fast approaching! My two inch loss around my waist this month translates into a new body fat percentage of 15%, meaning four kilos of fat lost. Doing the calculations it means I gained roughly ½ a kilo in muscle; a worthy gain but after last month’s estimated 800 gram gain nothing to preen about. All estimates of course, it’ll take a few more months to establish my muscle growth in more accurate terms. Still, I am putting on muscle however slowly.

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