Wednesday, December 06, 2006


If you’ve read my December first entry you know I’ve some big expectations for these pictures so without further ado let’s take a look:

Well, first thing I see are my shoulders are almost level with each other, a distinct and obvious improvement. This was something I had thought I was seeing in the mirror and it’s most gratifying to see it show up in a formal pose. There does, however, seem to be a new problem as my left shoulder seems to be ‘compressed’ – as if I was holding it close to my body. This may be in part because my nephew taking the pictures was standing slightly off centre when doing so, but there’s definitely a problem there. Looking at it more closely the left shoulder also seems to be pulled back a little too. No apparent improvement in my lower back though. Based on my handles I still have a pronounced bend at the base of my spine.

Now looking at my back picture my problems aren’t just limited to my left shoulder, the entire left side seems to be twisted. The left scapula is very prominent, and you can see skin folds below the scapula on the left side. Apparently releasing my right shoulder has caused my entire left side to tighten up and pull/twist back towards the spine. I suppose something like this is to be expected after years of the body holding itself one particular way is changed over the relatively short space of a single month. I’ll have to discuss this with my massage therapist Carolyn and see what she says. In so far as my lower back the expected ‘jog’ doesn’t seem to be as pronounced as it was in the past. It’s excellent news if that, in fact, is what has truly transpired. Since I’ve definitely felt movement in my lower spine a positive outlook may be justified. The bulge on my right hand side seen on my front picture could be partly the result of my left side pulling back and twisting, rather than entirely due to a warped spine. Time will tell I suppose.

My side picture is also showing progress, clearly the result of losing four kilos of fat this past month. One can actually see some abdominal definition starting to show. Still, I’m about four to five kilos from my intended fat percentage and apparently it’s virtually all in my waist, likely most being intra-abdominal (visceral) fat located beneath my stomach muscles. In my opinion the rest of my body is fairly fat-free now, as mid-section fat is always the last to go. And go it will. Terrific progress, I’m very pleased with these results in just three months and look forward to continued gains in the coming year.

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