Friday, October 13, 2006

One Month In

Tonight I started off tired and continued to struggle through to the end of practice. I’ve been swimming with the Hyack Masters for a month now and I would have liked this workout to have gone better. Considering everything, however, my progress in conditioning has been satisfactory. If I was to compare myself with my conditioning after my first month’s running when I started into track I’d have to say without hesitation I’m doing better now than then. I think a lot of my relative success in my swimming versus running is the natural therapeutic benefits of swimming make injury very unlikely. You get tired and fatigued, but that’s not like running where it seems steadily increasing mileage in large chunks just adds up to ever increasing discomfort and pain in addition to the fatigue. Tomorrow is my first extra practice – we’ll see how I fare in my first early morning practice in a fifty meter pool.

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