Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Short But Good Workout for Me

My plan this weekend, since the Canada Games Pool (CGP) was set up short course, was to work on my butterfly through the use of a supplemental set of short, well rested swims concentrating on technique. So after a 3x200 free and a 50 free/breast kick warm up I started with the first of three 4x25 fly on 1:00 with a 50m dolphin kick on 2:00 to begin and follow each set, a total of 500 meters devoted to fly. The set went well as I was able to maintain the proper rhythm integrating pull and kick for most of my swims. Only the last couple of laps showed deterioration back towards a single kick. Still, even when my kick was working it had no power, so that’s something I’m going to have to concentrate on in the coming months. Next came an easy 200 free and then for my main set I swam 4x100 backstroke fast (90% effort) on three minutes (down from the planned 6x as I was getting tired). My first 100 timed in several seconds faster than I was expecting, something which came as a pleasant surprise and, more importantly, the remaining 100s showed only slight slowing which held consistently throughout the set. A good result after only five weeks training, but I’m still having real breathing problems with my back turns from trying to clear my sinuses of water. Most unpleasant to say the least. I finished with an easy 200 free and left the pool feeling pleasantly tired. A short but good workout for me.

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