Friday, October 06, 2006

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Today is October picture day, a day where I stomp all over what little pride I have and publish pictures of myself in a swimsuit for the world to see. So here they are.

Judging from my ‘handles’ on the second and third pictures I can’t see any real difference over last month, likewise no apparent changes on my back and side views. Perhaps looking at the picture of my back my spine is slightly straighter and maybe better aligned, but I really would have to say that opinion is heavily influenced by desperate desire rather than reality. Oh well, real change takes time. I wasn’t truly expecting to see anything after only a month – but wait until the beginning of January - then we’ll see something. Oh, by the way, I’m told my handles will disappear when my body fat drops below 15%. The same rule-of-thumb applies to the rest of you men. Now if you’re a woman with a few extra percent of body fat don’t worry – you’re looking great.

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