Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Panic Time!!

Last night Coach Brad had us do some IM (individual medley) work and included in the main set was a fast 200 IM. I finished over three minutes and, even making adjustments for stopping a couple seconds after my first 25 meters of fly for a much needed breather, and then having to stop again mid-length for another couple of seconds to allow the wake from Ian’s passage to die down enough for me to resume my fly, I’m in real trouble with my IM. With only one month to go before I’m to race the 200 IM the number of technical problems I face exceeds my fingers, my endurance is non-existent, and right now swimming fifty meters fly – just swimming it mind you, not racing, exhausts me. I’m using my 12&U personal best as my qualifying time for the upcoming UBC meet and it would be devastating not to be at least close (forget that – I want to be under it! Who wants to come second to some scrawny 95 lb twelve year old in anything?). To add to my sense of panic my schedule to build up my practices to six per week had a flaw in it. I planned to have two weeks of four practices a week before moving up to five but adding Tuesday morning in week three effectively means I’m swimming five a week starting in the second week (it sounds confusing I know but schedule four practices in one week and then five practices the following week with the extra practice being slotted in the first available day in week 2 and you’ll see what I mean).

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