Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First of the Month - Taking to the Scales

Hit the scales this morning for my official monthly weigh-in a tad apprehensively as a mid-month weighing had shown me putting on a pound (CGP has a scale on the pool deck which makes it awfully easy to walk over and check) but the scale showed my weight at 84.5 kgs (186 lbs), a drop of a half kilo for the month. Better yet my waist shrunk an inch so according to the BFM tables my body fat is down to 19%, equivalent to a loss of 1.7 kgs (3¾ lbs) fat. This means I’ve put on 1.2 kgs of muscle! Even adjusting for the change in measuring body fat methodologies by allocating a third of the gain to September it means a whopping 800 gram gain for the past month. Compared to my target of 500 grams a month that’s fantastic! I’ll have to see how the muscle gain goes over the next two or three months before presenting any explanation for last month’s large variance between actual and projected gains. Very happy with these results though.

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