Thursday, November 16, 2006

An Unusual Bikram’s Night

Life just gets better and better. The Bikram’s studio was plenty hot tonight! There’s a standard temperature range it’s supposed to be (around 38 Celsius or roughly 105 Fahrenheit) but tonight it was definitely hotter than that, which means humidity also soars. After five minutes lying down in this sauna our instructor called for the class to commence and I was immediately hit by a dizzy spell getting up. It eventually dissipated as we did the first stretches but for some reason (likely the heat, I don’t take dramatic changes in temperature well) a residual ‘buzz’ remained for quite a time. Given my overall muscle fatigue and this buzz for all practical purposes I was pretty well stoned and you really don’t want to be stoned at a Bikram’s Yoga class (however for a cheap high it was great). Unfortunately all good things come to an end, and in this case the end meant I was faced with close to an hour more yoga in killing heat without the benefit of significant disorientation. I did struggle towards the end but made it through the class, though the credit really has to go to the fact our instructor that night was pretty and I would have died rather than have her think I couldn’t hack it. Not really the way you want to end your day, but I’m going to sleep well tonight for sure.

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