Friday, November 24, 2006

Signed Up For Nanaimo Ebbtides Swim Meet

I originally had planned to go to Nanaimo for the scheduled meet but after my experience at UBC I’d struck it from consideration, deciding my lack of conditioning didn’t warrant a second swim meet only two weeks later. Now, after coming to the decision there was likely a medical reason for my poor performance, I’m resuming my original plan and attending the Ebbtides Meet. This time, however, I have two objectives. The first objective is the same, to gather some official times to work with, and to that effect I’m swimming the 100 breaststroke (ugh) and 100 free. But, in yet another change resulting from UBC, instead of swimming a third new event I’m repeating 100 back. If my hypothesis about my tachycardia is correct then I should expect to shave several seconds off my time, especially if I can pull off some reasonable turns. If successful I’ll be half way towards starting on my primary goal, that of meeting the provincial AAA qualifying times for 15&Os in my chosen events. As an added bonus I’d also be the fastest backstroker on the team.

A lot to do outdoors in Nanaimo – whale watching is a popular choice.

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