Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maybe I Should Have Tapered

I got tied up at work and so arrived a few minutes late for practice Wednesday night and warm up was already underway. Coach Brad quickly gave me the set’s instructions as I walked to my lane and let me know the pool was closing for two weeks maintenance starting the last week of November (déjà vu all over again?) and we’d be swimming at another pool but at later times (later than a 9:00 PM start?). Like last practice the main set was broken up into three categories depending on what each individual was racing this coming Sunday, and like last practice I slotted myself in with the non-racers and ended up doing some easy 250s with some paced 50s thrown in. Felt sluggish throughout the workout but very comfortable – like one does waking up after a good night’s sleep in a warm bed.

Today’s morning practice wasn’t much different. I ended up only doing 1,500 meters rather than the planned 2,200 simply because my muscles told me they’d worked hard enough. If that wasn’t sufficiently explicit my split times would have driven the point home. In a set of 4x100 back on 2 minutes to be swum at 90% I was several seconds off from my expected time on my first 100, and the second 100 I managed to be on target but frankly to do so meant I had to swim all out. Fairly knackered I rested for an extra two minutes and swam my next 100 at nearly the same pace as my first 100 but, again, to do it meant I was putting nearly 100% effort into the swim. Now completely exhausted I called it a day and did an abbreviated warm down consisting of 100 breast and 100 crawl. I can clearly point the finger at my new weight program as the cause of this fatigue, where I’m now in the third week of the off season program. In my ignorance I thought I’d be able to accommodate the increased weight training because of my low swimming mileage, at least to the point where my racing speed would only be moderately impacted. Obviously I was wrong – hence the reason the designation ‘off season’ was given to this weight cycle. Not that I’d change anything, it’s just when I swim my 100 back at UBC slower than times I’ve swum in training Coach Brad is going to disappointedly surprised! I’ll have to prepare him for Sunday’s likely ‘disaster’.

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