Saturday, November 04, 2006

Looking Forward to the UBC Swim Meet

This morning’s practice at CGP means I’m up to six practices per week now. I decided to repeat my practice from October 21 and work on my fly and back. The only change was I reduced my 25m fly to be on 45 seconds instead of the full minute I previously used. Did all right, tired and all, but clearly my kick is too weak and it leaves me too deep in the water, altering my stroke more towards lifting rather than propelling myself forward as well as negating any wave propulsion. In backstroke I concentrated primarily on my rollover turns as last night’s turns were a disaster. I’ve decided to simplify my turn so I can use it this coming meet by not trying to swim underwater for any distance; rather I’ll try to surface as quickly as possible. Obviously bringing my rollover turn up to competitive standards will take considerable time and effort. Coming as a pleasant surprise, however, was the fact I’m choking much less on the turns. It seems my sinuses have had enough of the punishment being dealt to them and have started to “close up”. I still have water coming up my nose, it’s just now the water goes down my throat rather than out my nose. Much better - clever body!

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